Here is the history of PANTHEON deliverables.

Deliverable Title Release Date PDF
D1.1 Project Management Guidelines 29/11/2017
D8.1 Ethics 31/01/2018 CO
D7.1 Public Website 28/02/2018
D2.1 Requirements, Specifications and Benchmark 30/04/2018
D7.2 Data Management Plan 30/04/2018
D2.2 Guidelines for Components and Documentation compatibility 30/06/2018
D5.1 Water Management Control 31/08/2018
D2.3 Real-world (1:1 scale) hazelnut orchard for final demo 31/08/2018
D3.1 Robotic Prototypes 31/12/2018 CO
D4.1 Multispectral LiDAR Point Clouds 31/12/2018
D3.3 Communication Infrastructure 27/02/2019
D4.3 Aerial Image Processing Pipeline 28/02/2019
D5.2 Suckers’ Management Control 30/04/2019
D3.4 User Interface 31/10/2019
D4.2 3D Tree Models 03/04/2020
D6.1 Robotic Vehicles Field Validation 30/04/2020
D3.2 Data Management 30/04/2020
D4.5 Pest and Disease Detection 08/06/2020